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Celebrating Lives Saved from Suicide

and Learning from Lives Lost


About TreasureLives

TreasureLives is an organization dedicated to suicide prevention and mental health awareness. We host a YouTube channel which broadcasts approved testimonies of people saved from suicide, as well as memorials of those lost. Click here for information on how to submit your video.

TreasureLives also has a store! All products and services in the TreasureLives Store promote mental wellness. They are designed to comfort, inspire, educate, and increase esteem among individuals and communities. Tangible goods are handmade and are enhanced by personal touches such as initials, symbols, and birthstones. At TreasureLives, we learn from the past and celebrate the future. We recognize the innate beauty in humanity, life, art, and you.

TreasureLives is working to obtain non-profit status. This will make us eligible for various funding sources. Once funded, our vision includes the development of a mental health awareness curriculum from grade school through college. We also hope to provide mental health advocacy for seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities.

Please join us as we work to destigmatize mental illness and save lives.

*TreasureLives is not a counseling center or crisis intervention service. Please see our Resource Page for immediate help with your specific situation.
“It is much easier to save a life today than to grieve one tomorrow.”
John was my brother in his actions and spirit, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Visit Our Facebook Group: Survivors of Suicide Attempt (SSA) By TreasureLives

Our group is highly moderated with strict rules and guidelines. We have created a place for you to feel safe and talk with other survivors.