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Learning from Lives Lost &

Celebrating Lives Saved from Suicide!



Please click here to view a brief video of Melody Nolan, the founder of TreasureLives, telling her personal story and sharing her vision. You will also have the opportunity to make a financial donation. At TreasureLives, we understand that every life is significant and so is every dollar.

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About TreasureLives

TreasureLives was founded by Melody Nolan. The organization is dedicated to suicide prevention and mental health awareness. We have so much to offer! You can participate in our interactive blog for meaningful discussion on a variety of topics here. If you would like to submit a guest post, please send
an email to

Join us on Facebook for personal notes from Melody, helpful news and quotes. Follow us on Twitter for the #MusicMonday video of the week and spread our #AwesomeHero campaign! This is a gratitude movement to acknowledge the innate goodness in people and promote appreciation and esteem among individuals and communities. Simply express your thanks for someone or something on social media and use #AwesomeHero! You can subscribe to the TreasureLives YouTube channel which broadcasts approved testimonies of people saved from suicide or suicide attempts, memorials of those lost and more. You can even learn how to share your story by clicking here!

*TreasureLives is not a counseling center or crisis intervention service. Please see our Resource Page for help with your specific situation.

Behind the Scenes TreasureLives has begun the creation of our experiential mental wellness curriculum! Designed to assist people of all ages in identifying and expressing emotions, understanding and implementing boundaries and enhancing communication skills, each chapter of this product will be made available for download upon its completion. Also soon to come is the TreasureLives Store! We have prototypes of products which promote mental wellness and are designed to bring comfort and inspiration. At TreasureLives, we learn from the past and celebrate the future. We recognize the innate beauty in humanity, life, art, and you. 

Once funded, our vision also includes locating and securing mental health services for seniors, veterans, low-income families, and those with disabilities. We also have a Facebook support group for Survivors of Suicide Attempts (SSA) which will open when we are able to staff moderators. For updates on these and other projects, please click here to subscribe to the TreasureLives Newsletter.

“It is much easier to save a life today than to grieve one tomorrow.”
"John was my brother in his actions and spirit, and for that I will be forever grateful."
“Don't worry about a thing,every little thing is gonna be alright”