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Celebrating Lives Saved From Suicide

And Learning From Lives Lost

In her early twenties, Melody Nolan founded Childsong, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of child abuse through music and other means. Childsong was the sponsor of Brake the Cycle, National Ride Against Child Sexual Abuse led by Catherine Foote of San Jose, California. Together, they and their team traveled across the country speaking and singing for their cause.

As time went on, Melody obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at California State Sacramento, where she was given the honor of being Valedictorian. Years later, she achieved a Master’s Degree in Counseling.

She has privately volunteered her time and skills advocating for many seniors and individuals with cognitive impairments.

Today, Melody is on to a new venture. Simply put, she wants to stop suicide.

Melody believes that the foundation of suicide prevention is mental health and that this can be achieved through education, awareness and the utilization of community resources. She is a firm believer that small actions reap great rewards when it comes to people feeling valued. Melody spends a significant amount of time networking and researching up to date material for the TreasureLives blog. She is also the designer of TreasureLives’ products which soothe, comfort and inspire individuals and communities. Her vision for TreasureLives is that of a worldwide movement which builds esteem, respect, and mental wellness.

For an inside look into Melody’s thoughts, feelings, and experience please read the May 2017 issue of our blog: “Forget Facts & Figures: The Founder of TreasureLives Gets Personal” at bit.ly/TLs_Blog


The following is an edited poem about Melody written by Jonathan Lazarus Sr.

“Melody –
Joyous, sweet, peaceful
Easing burdens, lifting cares
Breathing love that’s so needful to mankind.

Her counsel will kindle that spark of communion
Which started young people on paths toward reunion with Love.

To pilgrims on earth whose steps seem uncertain
Let Melody’s counsel help lighten your burden.
Let her song bring you joy through life’s transformation.”

Cari George is a homeschool mom of two, business owner, and blogger. Cari has dealt with major ups and downs throughout her life.

She always found volunteering, counseling, and working for a cause to be great ways to cope with what life threw in her direction. This has taken on forms of working in soup kitchens, being a guardian ad litem, being a peer mediator, and various other roles.

Several years ago, suicide took someone she always looked up to and held very close to her heart. This was the second time suicide struck in her life, so it was time to make a difference.

Cari is honored to be a part of Treasure Lives and hopes to assist Melody in putting an end to this horrible epidemic.


Patricia Eden is our Director of Marketing with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications. Patricia is the voice behind PTSDWifey. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters and a wife to an outstanding husband who is recovering from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). Her husband was diagnosed with CPTSD two years ago.

Initially she searched all over the web for answers, help, and support but only found military related web sites. Her family is not military, so although this information was helpful it didn’t quite fit her situation. In January 2017 she created PTSDWifey, a resource for other couples and individuals, like her and her husband, who are facing (C)PTSD and desperate for answers and hope.

Please visit her website to get a feel for what PTSDWifey is all about. Because suicide rates are extremely high for those suffering from (C)PTSD, Treasure Lives and PTSDWifey decided to join forces and grow their organizations together. Patricia is the author of the unique website designed with content from the supportive partner’s perspective.

Essentially, Patricia hopes to be an inspiration and a beacon of light for others affected by (C)PTSD. She is working on registering as a non-profit to provide unavailable resources to families and individuals suffering from non-combat and combat related PTSD & CPTSD. Connect with her, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and learn more about our invisible disease and find support, remission, and recovery!