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It all started Volunteer Week, 2017. TreasureLives started a movement getting people to share our mission with the world. We have several simple tasks, as well as more complex tasks to suit any skill set. What are we asking? We are asking you to donate your time. Spreading the word about TreasureLives and our mission is essential to our success! We have created a volunteer wall to thank all of our volunteers and show the world how special each and every one of them is.

Are you interested in donating your time? There is a pledge form below with all of the information. Volunteering is timeless!

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To see our wonderful volunteers, visit the Heroic Volunteer Wall

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TreasureLives Social Media:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/mytreasurelives

Facebook: http://facebook.com/mytreasurelives

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mytreasurelives

A Dozen Ways To Donate

  1. Like MyTreasureLives on Facebook, follow us at @MyTreasureLives on Twitter, and @MyTreasureLives on Instagram
  2. Subscribe to our newsletter. (You can find the link at the bottom of the TreasureLives website)
  3. Use the following hashtags in your social media posts: #TreasureLives #PauseNotStop #ZeroSuicides
  4. Subscribe to the TreasureLives YouTube channel and view and comment on our videos
  5. Read and comment on the TreasureLives blog
  6. Donate personal or business proceeds to help TreasureLives’ transition to non-profit status
  7. Volunteer your time to assist with marketing efforts
  8. Compose tweets
  9. Feature us on your blog or in your newsletter
  10. Assist with graphics creation
  11. Host a fundraiser
  12. Volunteer in your area of expertiseNote: Be sure to check out the “Ten Ways To The Top” on the Pledge Form

Pledge below or visit the Heroic Volunteer Wall

TreasureLives Seeks to Raise Awareness for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Destigmatization during National Volunteer Week

Be A Hero! Spread The Word and Make A Difference!

Encinitas, CA. National Volunteer Week is April 23-29, 2017. This is the time of year when many people strive to take time out of their busy lives to make a difference in the lives of others. TreasureLives, a suicide prevention and mental health awareness organization, is seeking assistance spreading the word about their missions of preventing suicides and destigmatizing mental illness.

This year, TreasureLives will be using all proceeds to fund their transition to non-profit status. Once this is accomplished, they will be able to receive grants for programs the organization strives to create and to produce and distribute more products promoting mental wellness.

TreasureLives teaches that it doesn’t take much to be a hero. The smallest act in your eyes can make an immense difference in the life of another. The simplest, most effective thing you can do is to spread the word via social media using TreasureLives’ hashtags: #TreasureLives, #PauseNotStop, #AwesomeHero, and #ZeroSuicides.

TreasureLives has outlined “A Dozen Ways to Donate.” These suggestions range from a simple act of sharing to hosting a fundraiser: the options include a variety of skill sets and time requirements. Visit http://bit.ly/TLs_Volunteer_Pledge by April 29, 2017, to make a volunteer pledge. You will be rewarded by having your name, company, photo, and/or logo on the TreasureLives Wall of Heroic Volunteers. You even have the opportunity to receive a special gift!

To locate TreasureLives’ social media links, learn specific ways you can help and to pledge a volunteer act, visit http://bit.ly/Heroic_Volunteers. If you would like to make a financial donation to assist in TreasureLives’ transition to non-profit status, please visit http://bit.ly/0_Suicides. To donate via PayPal, go to http://bit.ly/TL_Donations. International donations are welcome. All who participate will be mentioned on a special Heroic Volunteers page on the TreasureLives website at http://bit.ly/TreasureLives.