Meet The TreasureLives Team!

A Jewish proverb says that one who saves a life saves the world.

Together, we can save the universe.

Melody Nolan, Founder

In her early twenties, Melody Nolan founded Childsong, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of child abuse through music and other means. Childsong was the sponsor of Brake the Cycle, National Ride Against Child Sexual Abuse led by Catherine Foote of San Jose, California. Together, they and their team traveled across the country speaking and singing for their cause.

As time went on, Melody obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at California State University, Sacramento, where she was given the honor of being Valedictorian. Years later, she achieved a Master’s Degree in Counseling. Melody has privately volunteered her time and skills advocating for many seniors and individuals with cognitive impairments.

Today, Melody is on to a new venture. Simply put, she wants to stop suicide. Recently, her work has been featured by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI.) She welcomes opportunities to interact with the media.

Melody believes that the foundation of suicide prevention is mental health and that this can be achieved through an emphasis on communication skills, interpersonal relations, education, awareness and the utilization of community resources. She is a firm believer that small actions reap great rewards when it comes to people feeling valued. Melody is the designer of prototypes for TreasureLives’ products and is planting the seeds of the #AwesomeHero campaign. This is a gratitude movement which fosters esteem and respect among individuals and communities worldwide.

For an inside look into Melody’s thoughts, feelings, and experience please read the May 2017 issue of our blog: “Forget Facts & Figures: The Founder of TreasureLives Gets Personal” 

Cari George, Administrative Assistant

Cari George has been with TreasureLives from the beginning. She homeschools her two children and is an independent business owner and professional blogger. Insert link to Cari-On Media Having had numerous challenges in her life, Cari has always found volunteering, counseling, and working for a cause to be effective methods of coping with her struggles. This has taken on numerous forms including spending time in soup kitchens, being a guardian ad litem and a peer mediator.

In December 2011, Cari lost her uncle “PeeWee” to suicide. She had admired him greatly and held him close to her heart. This was the second time suicide struck her life, so she decided it was time to make a difference. Cari is honored to be a part of TreasureLives and hopes to assist Melody in putting an end to this silent epidemic.

Anton Stupivtsev, Artist

Hi! I’m Anton Stupivtsev… a man who can’t live without drawing. My goal is to share and spread the love and unity of humanity when people are in despair. No person can exist without hope. I believe TreasureLives brings hope back for many of us. It is my pleasure to elevate the organization to an international level.

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Привет! Я Антон Ступивцев. Парень, который жить не может без рисования. Моя цель – продвигать и делиться идеями о любви и единстве людей перед лицом отчаяния. Ведь мы не существуем без надежды. А TreasureLives даёт ее, я знаю. Одно удовольствие осознавать, что организация является международной!

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