How to Handle Suicidal Ideation

At times, life throws struggles at you until you feel like you cannot continue. Feelings of suicide may start creeping into your mind, and you find yourself sacrum to its jaws. What if there was a remedy for dealing with such thoughts?

Some ways of dealing with suicidal can be found below:

Get help from a qualified professional

Have you heard the saying, “A problem shared is a problem halved.?” Talking to a professional therapist about your struggles and challenges helps release the weight on your chest. Therapists are counselors who help people deal with mental health issues. You can begin the process by calling a helpline from our Resources page for advice on the best way to move forward and/or get a referral.

Follow-up on treatment

Recovery is not immediate; it takes patience and persistence. Ensuring that the afflicted person continues with therapy even when showing signs of improvement is vital. Lapsing back into old habits and thoughts is easy. If medication is prescribed, the directions should be strictly adhered to. If the treatment is not working, notify the physician so the plan of action can be adjusted.

Interact and pay attention!

Be patient, calm, and understanding. Speak calmly or just listen. Many suicidal people simply crave love and affection.

Positive thinking also helps in the recovery process. Speak, act, and think positively when it comes to encouraging suicidal individuals. Offering hope and reassuring them that things will change for the better can help. Make them feel important and let them know their life has real meaning. Create a friendly environment where they feel safe and loved.

Create a safety plan

Remove potential items that may aid in the taking of one’s life. Such things as pills, firearms, rope or any tool that could be used in self-harm. Develop a series of steps that can be followed when recovery appears threatened. Analyze your actions to see if they are contributing to the problem. If so, make concrete changes to try improving the situation.

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