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Melody Nolan, our Director, chooses not to discuss the details surrounding her brother’s suicide out of respect for the wishes of the other members of the Lazarus family. However, TreasureLives is founded upon the premise that for suicides to be prevented, the public must be educated. As a well-known talk show host says, “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.” Statistics aren’t enough. Numbers aren’t people, and the public quickly becomes immune to them. We believe that the honest, respectful telling of experiences is the most effective path to the de-stigmatization of mental illness and to achieving mental health awareness. Therefore, TreasureLives sponsors a YouTube channel featuring testimonies of lives saved and memorials of lives lost.


We invite you to submit videos up to 12 minutes long in any of the following categories for publication on our YouTube channel, TreasureLives. Feel free to submit multiple videos! 

*If you or someone you know was saved prior to an actual suicide attempt and you wish to express gratitude, we want to broadcast it!

*If you or someone you know has survived a suicide attempt and is now engaging in life, please share this story of hope and recovery!

*If you or someone you know has lost a loved one to suicide, we want to help sustain his or her memory.

*If you have lost someone to suicide and want to share your experience of living without your loved one, we want to promote your story! Not only will it assist others in your situation, but it may give someone with suicidal thoughts a life-saving change in perspective.

Because we do not want to sensationalize suicide, wish to prevent “copycat” suicides or suicide attempts, and want the material to be viewable by individuals of all ages, we ask that you please refrain from stating or portraying the method of death, attempted suicide, or contemplated self-harm in any manner: Do not state, describe, display photos or graphics or use sound which depicts any method of self-harm. We would also appreciate it if you would refrain from using profanity. Any submissions not following these guidelines will not be published. Thank you for your careful attention to these details.

Please email melody@treasurelives.org for a consent form and additional instructions on how to submit your video

TreasureLives does not charge for broadcasting testimonials and memorials. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will allow us to continue our mission of preventing suicides. Please click the image below to donate to TreasureLives today.

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Jonathan Lazarus

December 25, 1984 – February 8, 2013

 The following is a poem written by Melody Nolan in memory of her brother

I hear my deceased brother’s childhood voice singing “Love is Nothing ‘Til You Give it Away.” I wail away the grief, my hands squishing the mud made by the mixture of dirt and tears. I am afraid to die and afraid to live. Time and time again my Siamese Twins Tree of Life keeps me company as two not one, and makes the decision for me.

Walking home, I picture the birth of My Siamese Twins Tree. Seeds in a whirlwind eventually settle in dirt. Decades later, lightning strikes the thick, round trunk. Securely grounded at its core, the body splits in two and becomes twice as strong, twice as beautiful, and twice as giving. I look up at the clouds and wish my brother could have done the same instead of cracking and dying. I turn and waive a bittersweet good-bye. Two trees to hold me, and two for me to hug. Having received my nourishment for the day, I breathe my gratitude for my Siamese Twins Tree of Life and continue living.

~ In loving memory of John

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